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Avid reader and user of Goodreads, NetGalley and Edelweiss. When not stuck in a book I can be found hanging around tumblr and twitter, getting knee deep in books, movies, comics and the geek life.  I’m also passionate about literacy programs, especially for under 11s.

I’m currently closed for review requests, but inviting guest posts on a variety of topics. See here for details.

Thanks ever so.

Kate x

Rating Policy

0-1* Nothing recommendable about this title at all

1-2*  Needs work, normally error-strewn or completely unoriginal

2-3* Some elements of the title stood out. Only for die-hard fans of the genre or author

3-4* A title with some really notable moments, but could do with some work

4-5* Titles that are memorable, inventive, that stand-out from the crowd, but with maybe a failing or two.

5* An absolute insta-buy. Gripping from start to finish and guaranteed to be a classic of it’s genre.




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